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Spirit Dogs

H  E  R  O  E  S      I  N      H  E  A  V  E  N

W h a t    p e o p  l e   a r e   s a y i n g . . .

"Losing my little dog, Dolly, left such a hole in my heart. Was she gone forever? After reading this little book, I believe that I will see her again someday."

Mary Harper 
The Dalles, Oregon


"I find this story very helpful for those who are suffering the loss of their pet.  This little story has brought hope to many."

George G. Metzger, D.V.M.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

"I've had the privilege of getting to know a few dogs just like the spirits in this story.  Dogs are such wonderful companions, we may not realize how much they enrich our lives while they are with us.  This story may help you say good-bye to a beloved companion."

Thomas J. Fatora, D.V.M
Frisco, Colorado

"This is a heartwarming fantasy that brings hope to all who have lost a special canine friend."

Sally Terroux
Terroux Dog Training Denver, Colorado

"This story is very heartwarming and is filled with hope and faith.  We look forward to using it in our pet loss support groups to help in the healing process after the loss of a beloved pet."

Human Animal Bond Trust
2525 Youngfield Colorado 80401


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